Room and Board


2nd July | 2pm – 6pm | Duffield Room – Clore Gallery – Tate Britain

Taking box forts to a whole new level, join Shambush in building a hope-filled, flamboyant, welcoming, oversized house of card. Enjoy the opportunity to get hands on with the building process and decorate your own box brick.

Unlike some, we want our walls to show off good things about humanity and welcome everyone, so come decorate a box with a few kind words about something or someone you love, a welcoming message to those who may feel alienated, a story about your community, something you’d wish for or would like to do make the world a happier place…

Decorate your box at …. on Saturday 1st July and see them brought together, in a great display of considerate construction on Sunday 2nd July at Tate Britain

Best known for their nonsensicalness and bringing people together Shambush! Have produced such events as The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience and Shamland (a unique, participatory model village).
If you want to donate food or useful items on the day, in a pre-decorated box we will be collecting for Refugee Kitchen and local homeless charity The Passage (full list of items required to be posted on Southwestfest’s website

Take part on Saturday 1st July 12pm – 6pm at SouthWestFest’s main Festival Day and decorate a box, and then Sunday at the Duffield Room – Clore Gallery – Tate Britain from 2-4pm for box fort building and finished house.

Free |