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June 2017

Room and Board – Take Part in our Tate Britain Art Project with Shambush

Shambush! bring their inspiring, interactive art installation Room and Board to SouthWestFest and Tate Britain
Shambush! return with an exciting new interactive project and are setting up home for 2 days with SouthWestFest. Taking box forts to a whole new level, joinShambush! on 1st and 2nd of July, in building a hope-filled, flamboyant, welcoming, cardboard box house. 
Festival-goers can enjoy the opportunity to get hands on with the building processand decorate their own box brick and partake in a mass display of positivity.
Unlike some, Shambush! want to build walls, but to build walls that are welcomingand showcase the good side of humanity.  They’re asking people to decorate a box with messages of positivity, for example, a few kind words about something or someone they love, or a welcoming message to those who may feel alienated, or a story about their community, or anything that one might wish for or would like to do make the world a happier place.
SouthWestFest attendees can decorate their recycled box at on Saturday 1st July (12-6pm) and see them brought together, in a great display of considerate construction, on Sunday 2nd July (2pm -6pm) at Tate Britain
Shambush! Co-founder Annie Whelan says, “We are over the moon to be working on such a fun and positive project for such a great Festival and to host part of in the Tate Britain is an honour. It’s also especially important to us to create something joyous and beautiful, and to involve as many people as possible, at a time when things aren’t all coming up roses(to put it lightly). Plus our inner child is super excited to be making a giant cardboard box house”
Joanna Hedges Director of SouthWestFest said: “SouthWestFest is so very excited to be working with Shambush to produce a free and fun art project for all to enjoy, at both our festival day and with one of our favourite local festival venue’s the Tate Britain. Our festival is here to celebrate the community coming together and this project really is a celebration of unity and positivity.”
14th June 2017