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July 2017

Community and Volunteering At Tate Britain

We’re very proud to work with the Tate Britain as a venue partner for SouthWestFest. This year Tate Curators joined us at the SouthWestFest Festival day and brought some fantastic arts workshops for everyone to try. Shambush! and SouthWestFest also got to produce a community Art Project which was shown in the Clore Gallery on Sunday the 2nd of July, with artwork made by local children and residents! If you are local to Tate Britain then volunteering can be a really fun way to get involved, discover art and meet new people. Felix has lived in Pimlico since 1983, and started volunteering at Tate Britain three years ago. During that time he’s watched Pimlico grow in to a safer, greener, more diverse area and is fan of the big lovely Victorian pumping station by Grosvenor Bridge. He has also seen changes in himself, previously having little to no interest in art he now gives tours with confidence and takes great pleasure doing so. Although hesitant at interacting with the public at first and unsure if Tate was for him he now looks forward to his shifts and all the different people he gets to meet. “Volunteering at Tate is a really good gig, it’s fantastic!” 7th July 2017