As part of our Digital Festival we ran two Grow-A-Story workshops with Storyteller Arkem Mark Walton.

These online Zoom workshop sessions were aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, and the aim of the workshop was for the participants to work with Arkem to grow a story together, as well as creating their own stories.

We have received some wonderful written stories as well as pictures and picture stories from some of the children who took part, and we wanted to share some of the amazing and imaginative work these workshop sessions inspired.

With thanks to Arkem for planning and delivering these fun workshops and to The Pimlico Million for funding towards the festival workshops.

Arthur’s Farm and Vegetable Adventures!

One bright and sunny day, at 8 o’clock in the morning, on a farm near a forest, Arthur the farmer was harvesting vegetables and fruit: carrots, turnips, pumpkins, lettuce, and strawberries.

Arthur took carrots to Kate the cow, and lettuce to Cheryl the sheep, and they all had breakfast together, Arthur had cornflakes and bacon and egg.

Today was special because the nearby village of Spot Weeleelow was having its annual festival and vegetable competition. Arthur and the animals went out the field to pick the biggest pumpkin to take to the competition, but when they got to patch there was just a big space where the pumpkin should have been.

They looked around for clues when Cheryl found some arrow shaped footprints and a feather, so they followed the footprints into the forest. While they were following the footprints, they heard a big scary “Roar!” and saw a grumpy BEAR!

They ran away from the Bear and hid behind a rock until it had gone. When they came out, they saw a big nest, made of twigs and feathers, and in it was a big mother Eagle and two baby Eagles and in the middle was the biggest pumpkin from the patch.

However, the baby Eagles did not want to eat pumpkin, they wanted worms, so Farmer Arthur made a deal that if the Eagles helped get the pumpkin to the village, he would get them lots of worms. So all the animals helped to roll the pumpkin through the forest to the village.

In Spot Weeleelow everything was decorated for the festival with colourful bunting and ribbons. When they rolled the pumpkin to where the competition was taking place, it was clearly the biggest, but it was all dirty from the forest. So, the sheep Cheryl, ran back to the stream by the farm and brought a bucket of water to clean the pumpkin.

They all helped to make the pumpkin clean and shiny and it won the competition! Farmer Arthur said everyone could share the prize if they helped dig up worms for the Eagles. Then they rolled the pumpkin back to the farm and decided to make pumpkin pie. They chopped the pumpkin up and stirred it in a big cooking pot and added spices. Then they made a huge bowl of pastry and kneaded it and rolled it out. The only thing big enough to make the pie in was an old bathtub, so they lined it with pastry and poured in the pumpkin mix and built a big fire to cook it on.

The pie smelled delicious and it even brought the Bear out of the forest who was only grumpy because they were hungry. They gave the Bear some pumpkin pie and the Bear caught them some fish from the stream. Then everyone went home, leaving Farmer Arthur and Kate the Cow and Cheryl the sheep, tired and content with bellyfuls of pumpkin pie. Before they went to sleep, they sang their favourite song: “Farmer Arthur had a farm” and they added in the animals they had met that day.

The End.