The Stories of our Streets

A Heritage Trail

Guided Heritage Trail

Would you like to uncover and explore stories of Westminster through the eyes of its residents?

Working with a group of local residents across generations, we learnt about the fascinating social history here in the streets of south Westminster, and in a series of workshops explored how their personal experiences and memories relate to the history all around them.

The results were a series of artworks created by our residents which offer a unique insight into both personal and public histories of Westminster. Join us on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July to explore South Westminster and its history, and see the artworks for yourself!

When is it? Saturday 9th July – Sunday 10th July 2022

Where is it located? Various locations around Westminster.

If you want to find out a little more about project, get to know some of the residents and understand how it all came about, you can read about it in the About the Project section below. Otherwise…

Map of the Heritage Trail

Welcome to Stories of our Streets!

Below you’ll find the Heritage Trail Map with the locations of the artworks, you can follow along in any order. 

Look out for the Heritage Trail blue sticker in the windows of the locations!

Each location contains at least one artwork, with information on who made it and what inspired them – along with a snippet of history related either to the artwork or to the location.

Venue List

1. Westminster Archives
10 St. Ann’s Street

2. St. Andrew’s Club
Alex Wizard House
12 OId Pye Street

3. Duke of Edinburgh
Award House
7-11 St. Matthew Street

4. The Abbey Centre
34 Great Smith Street

5. Ravello Coffee
61-71 Victoria Street

6. Grafton Arms
2 Strutton Ground

7. Star Dry London
32 Strutton Ground

About the Project

Each year at SouthWestFest we always receive feedback conveying the demand for heritage projects, walking tours, opportunities for people to learn about and explore south Westminster. And in late 2021 we thought it was time we developed our own large heritage project. 

We had early discussions with our partners at the Families and Learning Team at Westminster Abbey and started scoping out ideas which we could approach The Heritage Lottery Fund with. This is how this project began.

Phase One

We brought on board Westminster Archives, and decided to reach out through specific local organisations for participants. Open Age, south Westminster is a group for local over 50s who can take part in many of the free and low-cost activities put on and City Lions, a Westminster City Council initiative to support and give access to local young people and creative careers.

We developed a series of four workshops where we worked with our intergenerational group to learn about the local history through two walking tours, one led by the Archives and one by the Abbey. Themes that came up were: Power and Status, Place and Geography, Future, Conflict, Social Mobility, Class, Strong Female Leaders, Money and Business, Education and Centres of Community.

Themes from the heritage trail workshop

We were also really interested in hearing about our participant’s personal memories and experiences of living in Westminster. We heard about first kisses, deaths of loved ones, favourite open spaces, reflections on how the area has changed and hopes for the future. 

We then reviewed what they’d learnt, what piqued their interest or spoke to their experiences and tasked them with creating something that was inspired by the workshops. The result was fantastic, a wide selection of paintings, photos, poems and more sculpted pieces.

Phase Two

Their artworks have been turned into this Stories of Our Streets Heritage Trail! You can head out discover the artworks, what inspired them and learn more about this area of south Westminster.

Throughout the process we worked with: Afsheen, Dija, Hannah, Kathy, Maggie, Margaret, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria(!), Pearly, Rene, Sophia, Sylvia, and Vera. A wonderful group of local people who came open minded and ready to take part.

Thank you to The Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting this project!