We’re brightening the streets of South Westminster with fantastic artwork created by our very own local artists, showcasing the variety and breadth of artistic creativity in our community.

Leading on from our inaugural 2020 Art Trail, for this year’s Online & On Foot Art Trail we will be spreading our wings further afield, discovering and showcasing artwork from over 30 individual artists and collectives, so join us in getting out there and getting inspired!

The Art Trail will be launched on Saturday 10th July, with pop-up performances and guided tours of the On Foot Art Trail led by artist Harmony Thyme. To register for your free place on one of our Art Trail Guided Tours, go to: https://southwestfest.org.uk/whats-on

Scroll down for our Online Gallery!


On Foot: Between 10th and 16th July follow the Art Trail Map.  This will be for those that want to take a stroll round SW1 and explore the Art Trail physically.

Online: To explore from home, scroll down to see Art Trail artworks in the gallery hosted below.

On Foot Maps and Venues

Venue List

1) Sue Armitage @ Westminster Reference Library, 35 St Martin’s Street, WC2H 7HQ

2) Coco Sato @ Chapter House, Westminster Abbey, SW1P 3PA

3) Sophie O’Leary @ St. Andrews Club, 12 Old Pye Street, SW1P 2DG

4) Saatchi Gallery, King’s Road, SW3 4RY

5) Ben Poultney @ Occasions, Ebury Bridge Road, SW1W 8QX

6) Ninebob @ St. Leonards Hotel, 21 Longmoore Street, SW1V 1JQ

7) Harmony Thyme @ Pimlico Fresh Cafe, Wilton Road, SW1V 1DN

8) Cave, 81 Tachbrook Street, SW1V 2QP

9) OpenAge Exhibition @ St. Margaret’s Centre, 1 Carey Place, SW1V 2RT

10) Wilfried Rimensberger @ Millbank Gardens, 49 Erasmus Street, SW1P 4DZ

11) Richard Mittens @ Moreland House, Marsham Street, SW1P 4JH

12) Julie Bloom @ Studio 1, Ebury Edge, SW1W 8DX

13) Ann M-D @ 4 Cumberland Street, SW1V 4LT

14) Polysara @ 92C Gloucester Street, SW1V 4ED

15) WAES Exhibition @ Westminster Adult Education Service, Pimlico Centre, Lupus Street, SW1V 3AT

16) Hayley Stuart @ 42 Stourhead House, 79 Tachbrook Street, SW1V 2QP

17) Collective Exhibition @ The Rent Office Gallery, Chelsea Garden and Wellington Estate, Ebury Bridge Road, SW1W 8SA

18) Vivienne Gibbon and ETAT @ Thamesbank Centre, Turpentine Lane, SW1V 4BD

Online Gallery

Below you will find the artists involved in the Online Art Trail and their work. 

Born in Nairobi and raised between Africa, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK. Julie’s inspirations are a fusion of influences. Her creative practice is inspired by her extensive travels, explorations and experiences. Deeply rooted connections with cities intertwined with nature and their contrasts and similarities.

During the Pandemic Julie created a project named Translations and began in lockdown to by phone invite people to share their own experiences. As a way of connecting and offering something unique and personal to people where they were given a safe space to share their own experiences and emotions and most importantly feel heard. Whilst they talked Julie drew what she was hearing and before leaving the call, sent them the image, once painted sending them a copy as a gift. Now out of lockdown, she is able to do these Translations in person. The process is done with the artist and the participant both seated back to back, to avoid any distraction from either party.

You can see Julie’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 12 on Saturday 10th July only, where you can also take part in your own Tranlsation.

Julie’s work is for sale, please email info@juliebloomart.com for more information.


Vivienne is a live artist as well as a sculptor. About her live performance work:

Movement and the body’s relationship to created forms are presently the focus of my practice. Currently utilising predominantly metal sculptural structures combined with the physicality of my body as a basis for this exploration, I further alter these initial forms by directly interacting with them in live interventions, therefore both challenging the idea of finite sculpture and seeking an ongoing dialog between myself and the materials. Thoughts of the balance between revealing and concealing- the need to be seen by the Other and the need to be hidden – are also explored in these interventions, through which dialogues between interior and exterior worlds are expressed via the manipulation of physical objects.

As well as integrating my body into these constructed pieces, other sensorial elements offered by the materials are foregrounded to further enhance immersive and interpretive qualities. Sounds made by ‘playing’ the sculptural elements in various locations are recorded and edited, then subsequently played back in situ while the live interventions take place. The recorded sounds are at times dissonant and out of step with the live physical interactions, yet via responding to the recorded elements with layering of improvised live sound I seek to create a balanced tension between the creation/destruction process of the performed interventions. The siting of my sculptures is a further core element I am developing; seeking to respond to specific locales which influence and blend with the materials and performative elements of the work.

You can see Vivienne’s live performance work as part of our Art Trail Tours on Saturday 10th July and her sculptures as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 18.

Vivienne’s sculptures are for sale, please email vgibbon@hotmail.co.uk for more information.


Jann Timms is a local multidisciplinary artist working under the name of Harmony Thyme. She won a competition for her symbolist stationary from Westminster Council in 2019. In 2020 she was funded by The Pimlico Million to uplift the community during lockdown with a series of workshops. Jann took part in the Pimlico Halloween Parade 2020 performing with fire.

Jann is also a poet and likes to perform with her trusted megaphone. She’s a wellness warrior and considers the environment in all that she does.

Harmony Thyme will be leading our Art Trail Guided Tours on Saturday 10th July and you can see her work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 17.

Harmony’s work is for sale, please email jantimms27@gmail.com for more information.


Hayley runs Pimlico Picassos, a local craft workshop for children and families.

You can see the group’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 7.


Richard is a local artist who paints using bold colours for portrait painting.

You can see Richard’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 11.

Richard’s work is for sale, please email richardmittens@hotmail.co.uk for more information.


Local artist currently exploring and developing classical painting and drawing techniques in addition to a contemporary approach to art-making.

Art displayed is a charcoal on paper drawing of a foot from a Charles Bargue plate, and comes from the 19th century French Bargue drawing technique that drew its methods from studying Renaissance classical fine art.

You can see Polysara’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 14.

Wilfried has had individual works shown in Gallery exhibitions in St Moritz, Zug, Zürich, Bern and London.

He works on installations, paintings, collages.

You can see Wilfried’s work in the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 10.


Illustrator and Cartoonist Ben Poultney.

Born and raised in the middle of England, Ben has lived in London for 10 years now. He has been drawing since he was able to hold a crayon and hasn’t stopped since. Ben specialises in fun, vibrant and interactive cartoon artwork, bringing humour and lovable characters to the forefront of his drawings.

He works regularly with the elderly in care-homes, as well as offering children’s cartoon science classes in person and online on a weekly basis. Ben has also created artwork for Barclays, The Mayor of the West Midlands and Four Seasons Hotel. He was the exclusive illustrator for Burger & Lobster and has spent time volunteering and drawing at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

His new project is entitled ‘Is This Real?’ and is an amalgamation of personal photographs and overlaying cartoon illustrations.

There are plenty of videos of Ben doing what he does best on his website, so feel free to have a browse.

You can see Ben’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 5. Ben also designed the SouthWestFest Health Trail and Art Trail maps!

Ben’s work is for sale, please email hello@drawmytown.com  for more information.

A keen amateur embroiderer Ann works with other artists to turn their line drawings into embroidery pieces. Her aim is to use stitches to reinterpret and build on the original artworks.

You can see Ann’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 13.


Sophie O’Leary is a London based British artist and resident of the Artist’s Millbank Estate behind the Tate Gallery for over 25 years. While usually a city dweller, she is a solo traveller and adventurer.

Her work aims to recall the British landscape tradition and her appreciation of the countryside is her freedom expressed in colour on canvas. She explores diverse landscapes by foot and her work is autobiographical and personal. She aims to capture her own feelings and emotions through the subject matter of landscape. From her grandmother’s country in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland to Moscow and Clapham Common during her years as a governess. Wanderings through Southern Europe and the tropics of India and Sri Lanka reveal sources of inspiration. And more recently a series of Bedfordshire paintings from around the Chiltern Hills during lockdown.

Her work identifies with the British Rural Landscape tradition of painting, and painters of reference include Samuel Palmer, David Inshaw, Peter Doig and Van Gough. Electronic music also has great influence on her work, synonymous with endless and liberated dancing in fields. Music is very much embedded into the landscape for her and absorbed into her thinking as she walks and works.

Her paintings have a richly hued and lively atmosphere and imbue a spirit of a place as she experiences it. She is sensitive to the seasons, paying homage to details of each flower blooming and leaf unfurling in their individual habitats. She paints in oils from her photographic records and ‘body memory’ of her adventures, which show a curiosity to explore and capture the individual character of each landscape. She has a nomadic studio practice with canvases often rolled directly out of a suitcase. The jostling geometry of wild or farmed landscapes and formal garden designs inform her compositions and are echoed in the natural harmonies of the vegetation she paints. Sophie has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and other group shows in London the UK and abroad.


You can see Sophie’s work as part of the On Foot Art Trail at Venue 3.

Sophie’s work is for sale, please email sophie_oleary@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

I am a passionate, self-motivated Graphic Designer and Artist who aims to create work that makes people think.

I have had my graphic designs exhibited at venues such as the William Morris Gallery and the Old Truman Gallery. I also received an award from the Museum of London for my voluntary work. I am eager to learn and passionate about working with companies to develop great graphic design solutions.


Pimlico Toy Library have been working with SouthWestFest to deliver family art packs and craft workshops so that local families can take part in the Art Trail.

Fly a Kite SouthWestFest, here are some examples of the creative work from some of the families you can see in windows around Pimlico!

The Pimlico Toy Library are a fantastic local service providing play sessions and rent-a-toy for residents. You can read more about their work and apply to be a member here: http://www.pimlicotoylibrary.org